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Bounty Template

Post by Zeh Inquisitor on Fri Aug 20, 2010 12:39 am

Basic information
Client Name: [This can be either a name or anonymous. Anonymous means that you CANNOT be tracked by the bounty you call on someone.]
Target: [This is who you want to the recipient of the job to go after.]
Orders: [This is what you want the people to do once they have found the person.]

Advanced Information

Reward: [This is what you will give the recipient of the mission or a job well done.]
Job Pick up Point: [Not all jobs require a start off IC meeting. If this is a job that requires one write where here.]
Job Drop off Point: [This is where the guy gets his reward when the job is all said and done.]

Additional Information: [This is were you write up any information that the person may need to know about the job. Any information written down here is automatically known IC by whoever takes on the job.]

[center][u][b]Basic information[/b][/u][/center]
[u][b]Client Name:[/b][/u]
[center][b]Advanced Information[/b][/center][/u]
[i][u]Job Pick up Point:[/u][/i]
[i][u]Job Drop off Point:[/u][/i]

[b][u]Additional Information:[/u][/b]

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