Tian Hei - Hellsing Vampire WIP

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Tian Hei - Hellsing Vampire WIP

Post by Tian Hei on Sun Sep 12, 2010 11:11 pm

Vampire Template
Name: Tian Hei('Black Sky' or more colloquially known as 'Nightfall')
Alias/Nicknames: Hei is the preferred portion of his name.
Entitlement: None

Age: About 220 years of age.
Affiliates: The Hellsing Organization

Job/Occupation: Hellsing Trash man / Soldier
School Degree: Unknown(Didn’t really go to school much when he was younger, doesn’t mean he isn’t well-educated, though)
Religion Status: Atheist
Categorized Letter: Category “A”

Point Allocation:

Telekinesis – 6(Mavado Rank)
Teleportation – 5(A Rank)
Intangibility - 5(A Rank)
Shape shifting - 5(A Rank)
The Third Eye – 4(B Rank)
Superhuman Strength - 6(Mavado Rank)
Superhuman Speed - 6(Mavado Rank)
Superhuman Senses - 6(Mavado Rank)
Ghoul Creations - 4(B Rank)
Familiar Creations - 5(A Rank)
Creations of Fledglings - 4(B Rank)
Anti-Gravity - 6(Mavado Rank)
Hypnosis - 5(A Rank)
Memory Absorption - 5(A Rank)
Telepathy - 5(A Rank)
Dense Weather Manipulation - 6(Mavado Rank)
Shadow Manipulation - 6(Mavado Rank)
Hibernation - 5(A Rank)



The youthful visage of a young oriental man whose expression is constantly a smile, does often deceive. But, more times than not, it is actually quite genuine. His isn’t an outspoken individual, but rather withdrawn and preferring to be silent regardless of the situation. It would be rare for one to be able to speak with him, even IF they were his most hated enemy and he were seething, frothing at the mouth, eyes blazing with malevolent fury as all of this would be soundless.

Birthday: August 16th.
Birthplace: What would now be the modern day Shandong Province of China.
Ethnicity: Chinese
Family/Relatives: -All Deceased-



  • Eradicating vampires who can't restrain themselves and lash out at all human beings - this is the primary reason why he lost his own family.

  • Maintaining order - Chaos is just not something he loves, for obvious reasons

  • Beating Iscariot to the kill - He thinks of the blood-boiling rivalry between the two organizations as a mere friendly competition.

  • Millennium - If not for this organization, Hellsing wouldn't have as much business as it does now, and he wouldn't be out killing as many vampires as he could.

  • Archaic Weapons - Old habits die the hardest.


  • Millennium – For disturbing peace and order.

  • Iscariot – Who doesn’t hate overzealous religious fighters that who in turn despise you with every fiber of their being?

  • Vampires without self-restraint: See like #1

  • Modern Firearms – It’s easy for some, but he just doesn’t get them. As a matter of fact, he’d much rather leave a giant hole in you through his fist rather than a bullet.

  • Coffee – The bane of all existence. If he could, he would burn all of it and replace it with various blends of tea. (Therefore he would dislike Starbucks … immensely)

Hobbies: Reading the works of philosophers.
Favorite Food: Nothing tastes sweeter than the blood and flesh of his enemies
Favorite Music: Baroque Compositions. Especially “The Arts of Fugue” by J.S. Bach
Forte in Sports: Just really good at long-distance running.
Special Skill: Randomly disappearing and re-appearing at Hellsing headquarters to scare the crap out of fellow Hellsing operatives. Non-utilizable in combat

Standing at five feet and eleven inches(~180.3 cm), weighing in at 185 pounds(~83.91 kg) and with an acceptable(though still small) total murder count in the hundreds! Here he is, in all his gaunt and straight-backed glory, with pallid skin, and crimson eyes befitting of his nature, and both the strange lack of eyebrows, the classic epicanthic fold in the eyes that give him the slanted orb appearance, and a toothy smile that never goes away, even when in pain! That, including black swept-back hair(not kept beyond the average limits for most males); intriguing jutting cheekbones that add to the genial smile; a pointed chin that looks as though it possesses such a keen edge it could cut into someone; a plethora of scars dotted across his body, one primarily cutting diagonally across his face, from left up to right, just narrowly avoiding his right eye, but despite that nasty looking scar his false smile still appears genuine and no less friendly from the ragged wounds. The scars across are lengthy gashes from years past, about his arm, his chest, his back, his legs. How many there are, he has not a clue: And quite frankly, he cares less about them anyhow. If one glances at him, they may not notice, but his legs are slightly uneven. It is about a 2 millimeter difference, with his left leg being the longer one: Hence his unusual posture with the left leg positioned slightly outward and his tendency to take longer strides with that leg. It(the left) is also his preferred side in using weapons or physical strikes. All in all, his body is battle-honed through his own years of survival: not quite all-around muscular and ripped like some individuals, but well-developed to pack plenty of strength in itself WITHOUT considering the vampiric strength he has gained in recent years. All in all, the muscle mass does not constitute a large factor of his body size.

So in summary, he’s a battered adult with a body shaped for what he does, with overall unassuming features(exception of the facial). His face, befitting of an oriental descent, often adopts a harmless façade, with the omnipresent smile either deceiving or genuine.

Height: Five feet and eleven inches(~180.3 cm)
Weight: 185 pounds(~83.91 kg)
Blood Type: AB
Measurements: (?)


Strategic Equipment: Bullet-proof vest worn customarily beneath his outfit. Force of habit, and habits die hard.

Offensive Equipment: Beneath his gloved right hand is a gauntlet fashioned of steel. Rest assured, a metal knuckle sandwich is more painful than a bare one. Alloy resilience capable of resisting small caliber rounds of bullets, thus causing his hands to be more difficult to render useless.

Useless Equipment:
Clothing of choice - he's clothed in dark garments, but never a 'suit' you could say. With black trench coat, shirt and pants, along with the heavy shoes and a small yet wide-brimmed hat of an unspecified kind, he walks as though he were a living shadow, were it not for his naturally pale skin. This attire is unvarying, always dark in color and really obscure in detail. The belt serves a dual purpose, one aesthetic and one utilitarian: It holds his pants up, and it serves as a restraint for ammo containers to stay on his side.


Fighting Style: All-out offensive style, taking advantage of his high-level regenerative ability and absurd powers to lash out at foes immediately. He primarily engages foes hand-to-hand, injuring them severely with his monstrous strength. If it is known that the opponent possesses a large quantity of blessed weaponry, or is incredibly powerful in their own right, he still charges like a mad bull to wound them immediately.

RP Sample

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