Walter hellsing member W.I.P

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Walter hellsing member W.I.P

Post by Walter Ikani Sutor on Sun Sep 12, 2010 2:01 pm

Human Template
Name:Walter Ikani Sutor
Entitlement:Hellsing member


Job/Occupation:Hellsing member
School Degree:college
Religion Status:chistan
Personality:Walter is a very cocky person. He does not really show much respect to his opponents and calls his opponents names. He will not give them a chance to get ready for the fight he will attack them as they speak most of the time if they are taking to long to talk and tell him some random bullshit. He likes to tell people who he is and what he does. He does not like to take no for an answer. He does smoke at times even though he's under age. Even though he acts like that he still would never leave his village or lie to it. He will protect the Oganization his is in with his life. He will do as he is told by his higher ups and will do it without asking as long as it is not to do something harmful to his village.

He does not leave his team behind. He will show respect to his team and Oganization members as long as they are on his side. He does seem to take training with 100% of his effort. He dose not hold back when fighting if it would be a fight to the death or to a person. He does not hold back because it shows that they have a lot to learn and need to become stronger. But after getting old he is no longer as cocky

Birthday:july 15
Birthplace:Great Britan
Favorite Food:
Favorite Music:
Forte in Sports:
Special Skill:
Point Allocation
1. Pain Tolerance.
2. Physical Durability.
4.Superhuman Strength
5.Superhuman Speed
6.Superhuman Senses
7. Accuracy
8. Inventions

Blood Type:
Strategic Equipment:
Offensive Equipment:
Useless Equipment:
Fighting Style:
Rp Sample

Walter Ikani Sutor

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