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Level up system

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Section 1 V A M P I R E S
\_Subsection 1: C A T E G O R Y

F > D > C > B > A > S

In order for one to advance, it goes according to the above order on how many devouring is needed.

5 > 10 > 15 > 20 > 25 > 30 Devouring.

In retrospect, this is only the total amount of devouring raking up, they simply need to eat 5 people, preferably virgins, to advance. But this system is mostly referred for Regenerator and Human food. Below will be Vampire and Werewolf. Cyborgs on the other hand count as humans.

3 > 5 > 7 > 9 > 11 > 13 Devouring of Supernatural entities.

Notice that this refers to the number of devouring of supernatural entities to eat in order to advance. Which is most simplistic and rather gives the user strength with lesser the numbers, but this only refers to species that are lower in rank or equal to. Any superior races in level will mean instant evolution into the next epoch.

An example to elaborate further is here.

*Category F eats Category D*

*Category F becomes Category D*

Another is this to further elaborate that you will go into the rank of the superior member of the race.

*Category F eats Category C*

*Category F becomes Category C*

In most instances, you also gain the unique ability of said eaten person, albeit just one aspect than the whole all of the times.

[Note] Some ranks may not have the same amount of ranks as vampires. In fact, no race has the amount of ranks as the vampire ladder. So when you are comparing the number of devoured beings required keep in note that the end number(s) will be cut off based on the amount of levels in your race unless the race is otherwised explained on having a way to enhance in levels.

Section 2 R E G E N O R A T O R S

Regenerators are the more complex sort of people, not evolving the same way a supernatural entity does but rather out of 'exercises' derived from kills. Mostly innate mutations or evolutions as a result of their slaying. They borrow from the system above for vampires, but in the sense they do not eat but simply kill. Exercising their lethality to become better hunters, killers that strive to destroy without mercy and further enhance their already anti-vampiric capabilities.

Section 3 H U M A N S

Humans do not have much to evolve from but simply gain. With each kill, they may gain a small enhancement to their ability. Even were the supernatural entity a Mavado, it is not to their complete benefit that they become more powerful. Fortunately they may become anyone of the Supernatural entities, or even become a Regenerator. But once they turn into anyone of those, they may not revert back permanently, and must advance within the proper race's evolutionary ladder.

Section 4 C Y B O R G S

Cyborgs come in two variants, due to new technological breakthrough, there is synthetic beings and completely mechanical ones, and then there is the partial being, along with enhanced figures. Cyborgs do not need evolution but simply upgrading. They may do so at any time through NPC's surgically enhancing them, but after they went through a test. For one to upgrade, albeit not as much, they simply need to kill 3 people no matter the ranking, to upgrade after the test run, to further enhance their capabilities. But regardless, they are still human, but all cyborgs share the same trait -- inability to become another supernatural creature. It is theorized to be a result of chemicals injected within them that prevents them so.

Section 5 L Y C A N T H R O P E S

Lycanthropes are creatures that rely on the hunt. They grow through each successful hunt to become the alpha. In such a way, they must kill the same amount of creatures as the vampires, and in that sense, they evolve in the same manner as the vampires. But their evolution comes with double the number of kills and devouring due to their stronger nature, and the natural effect as the vampire's predator, capable of killing slew of vampires without a problem, being the far better killers they are.

Section 1 F R E A K S

Of all races, FREAK's are in a way, the same as vampires where they may upgrade through kills, but like cyborgs, need to have surgical means in order to do so. Which makes them inferior to vampires in the sense that they cannot simply evolve right on the field. Surgery is the only way to upgrade them due to their inherent role as 'artificial' vampires. This surgery must be made in a topic all it's own and write up a 1,000 word post of the surgery.

[Note the surgery cannot be done before the actual correct number of devoured in order to advance from the current rank into the one directly above.]

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