F.R.E.A.K Information

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F.R.E.A.K Information

Post by Lucarad Ahdera on Sun Aug 29, 2010 3:48 pm

Section 1 F R E A K S
    FREAKS are humans made vampires through the use of an experimental circuit-board, or chip. They have heightened perception, reflex, stamina, strength, endurance. To a real vampire, these FREAKS are easy prey, and require little effort to defeat. A low level FREAK cannot regenerate severed limbs, and will take about 5 posts to heal from minor wounds*

F.R.E.A.Ks are special because they have an ability. An ability that is all their own. [Ex. Alhambra's special cards or Rip Van Winkle's rifle]. These are usually based in a weapon with some underlying ability about the weapon or the person using it. F.R.E.A.Ks also have vampiric abilities in a limited sense however though their actual skills lack the ability that they are all granted makes up for the weakness. [Note: The templates for the special weapons/abilities are here http://hrip.board-directory.net/weapon-templates-f5/ ]

    Beginner-All skills are beginner
    Intermediate-All skills are intermediate
    Expert-All skills are expert
    Elite-All skills are elite

[list]•Beginner: Cannot preform
Intermediate: Cannot preform teleportation.
Expert: May teleport once before a seven post cooldown with a maximum range of ten feet
Elite: May teleport once before a six post cooldown with a maximum range of fifteen feet.

    Beginner: Cannot become intangible.
    Intermediate: Cannot become intangible.
    Expert: Cannot become intangible.
    Elite: Can become intangible for one post with a ten0 post cooldown.

3.The Third Eye
    Beginner: Cannot use Third Eye
    Intermediate: This technique can be created and used accurately at one yards and with a blurred image at a maximum of three yards.
    Expert:This technique can be created and used accurately at two yards and with a blurred image at a maximum of five yards.
    Elite: This technique can be created and used accurately at five yards and with a blurred image at a maximum of seven yards.

4.Superhuman Strength
    Beginner: This is your world's strongest man type of strength.
    Intermediate: This has the strength to punch through solid metal.
    Expert: This level is the strength to rip someone in half or pull aluminum apart.
    Elite: This level of strength is on the level to with ease punch through one foot of aluminum without difficulty.

5.Superhuman Speed -[This is the max speed for short bursts of a maximum of one post]
    Beginner: The speed of an athletic human.
    Intermediate: The speed of an olympic runner.
    Expert: The speed of a proffessional biker [Non motor] while on his bike.
    Elite: The speed of an cheetah.

6.Superhuman Senses
    Beginner: that of an average human
    Intermediate: Senses heightened to double that of a normal human.
    Expert: Senses heightened to be triple that of an intermediate F.R.E.A.K.
    Elite: Senses heightened to be double of that of a Expert F.R.E.A.K.

7.Ghoul Creations
    Beginner: Cannot create ghouls.
    Intermediate: May create up to one ghoul per post.
    Expert: May create up to three ghouls per post.
    Elite: May create up to five ghouls per post.

    Beginner: Cannot perform any levitation or walk up any walls.
    Intermediate: Can walk up walls that are less than 90 degrees and can levitate one inch from the ground.
    Expert: Can walk on 90 degree walls as if they are normal ground and can levitate six inches from the ground.
    Elite: Can walk on any kind of angle and can levitate one foot from the ground.

    Beginner: Cannot hypnotize
    Intermediate: Cannot hypnotize.
    Expert:Can hynpotize the human youths and human infants.
    Elite: Can hyponotize the untrained human.

10.Memory Absorption
    Beginner: Cannot absorb memories from blood.
    Intermediate: Cannot absorb memories from blood.
    Expert: Can absorb any memory from the past 24 hours from blood.
    Elite: Can absorb any memory from the post 72 hours from blood.

11.Dense Wheather Manipulation
    Beginner: Cannot manipulate weather
    Intermediate: Cannot manipulate weather
    Expert: Can create or disperse a drizzle
    Elite: Can create a rain storm or disperse a rain storm
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