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Cyborg Information

Post by Lucarad Ahdera on Sun Aug 29, 2010 3:43 pm

Section 4 C Y B O R G S
    A Cyborg is a human turned into part, or mostly machine. The mechanical implementation can be internal or external. Their abilities can range from a wide array of anything. However, like all mechanical devices, there has to be some compromise in ability. They never age. They never die. [unless you count break downs.] This is a race that requires a good amount of imagination, and skill in role-play.


Cyborgs are a special race created from humans by humans. Usually a part of the millennium organization Cyborgs have human-like minds and human-like traits however underneath it all they possess massive strength, massive endurance, incredible speed, and incredible accuracy. Howevering being robotic and unchangeable physically they have but only one level to function with.

1. Upkeep
    Cyborg: Cyborgs require an upkeep post with a doctor or a scientist every ten topics they take part in IC. This is just to make sure that everything about them is running smoothly. Cyborgs are not allowed to post ICly after every tenth topic without having an upkeep with either an npc or player doctor or scientist.

2. Superhuman Strength
    Cyborg: The Cyborg level of strength is beyond that in reach of a normal human. This is strong enough to grab two ends of solid aluminum and pull it apart as if it were a stick being ripped in half by a normal human. This by obvious means that they could rip apart anything that did not possess an enhanced body.

3. Pain resistance
    Cyborg: Cyborgs do not feel pain in any way shape or form. They can feel the sensory systems but they have no sense of how much pain they are going through. The effect of torturing a cyborg is the same as if you were torturing someone who was already dead [not undead]. Any damage done to them in battle is ignorable as far as feeling the pain.

4. Superhuman Speed
    Cyborg: Cyborgs have the capacity to run at high speeds without having to stop like the other races. They do not require other means of transportation being able to run at the speed of your average race car for sustained periods of time. [24 hours].

5. Superhuman Sensory
    Cyborg: Cyborgs have a superhuman sensory system built into their body. It is within their body that detects other living bodies and other cyborgs that are anywhere near it as well as detecting movement whenever any kind of movement is made. This is the most advanced and most formidable combat skill of the cyborg because they can detect any movement from the smallest to the largest with their system devices and can detect movements at any speeds. This does not however mean they are fast enough to respond to every movement, just fast enough to detect every movement.

6. Accuracy
    Cyborg: Cyborgs have an accuracy built into them, just like the sensory system. It is another great feat of being a cyborg because they rarely ever miss. It is as if they were the most accurate sharpshooters in the world without ever having trained. Each cyborg has the ability to precisely aim any weapon while moving at any speed up to 75 mph. [This includes while in vehicles as well as moving outside of vehicles.]

7. Rebuild/Reboot
    Cyborg: Cyborgs have the ability to while off screen [out of a topic] rebuild itself without having to post for it. It is assumed that they do this unless otherwise mentioned. Having the knowledge of how to do this built into their heads they are expert mechanics especially with their own bodies. However this cannot be done in a battle topic. Another thing about the Cyborgs is their ability to reboot their minds into a new body. If they have a scientist or a doctor npc or player they can make a new body and design said bodies appearance and put their mind into that body with a 1,000 word topic. If a cyborg is utterly destroyed the chip inside of their artificial brain area can be taken out and put into another body as well by either npc or player characters. The only way to kill a a cyborg is the break the circuit. The circuit can be broke by the destruction or removal of the head of the cyborg.
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