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Human Information

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Section 3 H U M A N S
    A human is what works in an office from nine to five, and leads a dull, boring life. However, some humans are more useful, for they were employed are have been employed in an occupation that can help rid the world of the undead. Humans have no real abilities, but can have learned combat skills that would help a good amount in the defeat of a vampire, or ghoul, or Lycan, etc. It goes without saying that humans cannot regenerate their severed digits, or limbs, requiring them to be very careful in the battlefield, especially ones that involve any kind of vampire.

Humans are a race of low damage reduction and low ability to deal with the pains of every day life let alone combat. Most humans have the combat skills lower than the other races but have the weapons and technology to make up for it.

Average-11 points [No skill can be above trained]
Abnormal-20 points [No skill can be above Advanced]
Superhuman- [Superhuman level on all skills]

1. Pain Tolerance.
    •Average: Can tolerate pain at the level of the average human [If you get shot your not just gonna say ow and walk away. It is going to hurt like a bitch and you are going to go through some shit and pain.]
    •Abnormal: Can tolerate pain at the level of a trained soldier who is pumping adrenaline. [If you get shot or stabbed it will hurt but and it will probably cause some hesitation in movements when pain is involved but its not as bad as regular level.]
    •Superhuman: Can ignore pain as if catatonic. [Basically pain no longer is an issue at this level.]

2. Physical Durability.
    •Average: Is of the average durability of a human. Pretty self explanatory.
    •Abnormal: This is the level of durability that those well trained fighters are. Basically if you get punched by someone who isn't of the world's strongest man strength you are not going to take internal damage or external damage. Solid as a brick.
    •Superhuman: This level of durability is unreal to most people. You can be shot with low powered guns [really low power] and stabbed with weak metals [weak as in like not even copper] and detour them from your body. Even when stabbed or shot the solified muscle can prevent the damage from going too far into your body.

    •Average: Can move like any normal citizen on the street.
    •Abnormal: Can move in ways that the professional acrobats would be able to match up with and the speed attached to this is enough to dodge bullets from semi automatic weapon fire if there is room enough to dodge and there isn't too much fire. [Like up to a couple of bullets a second with sufficient room. Like one bullet a second if there isn't.]
    •Superhuman: Able to preform considerable feats of balance, coordination, and speed. Able to dodge machine gun bullet fire and high speed attacks with weapons up to a point of high level precision.

4.Superhuman Strength
    •Average: This level is of the average strength of a body builder.
    •Abnormal: This is your world's strongest man type of strength.
    •Superhuman: This has the strength to punch through solid metal.

5.Superhuman Speed -[This is the max speed for short bursts of a maximum of two posts]
    •Average: The speed of a fit and athletic person.
    •Abnormal: The speed of an olympic athlete.
    •Superhuman: The speed of a cheetah.

6.Superhuman Senses
    •Average: that of an average human
    •Abnormal: Senses heightened to double that of a normal human.
    •Superhuman: Senses heightened to equal that of a Category C vampire.

7. Accuracy
    •Average: This is the accuracy enough to hit a non moving target.
    •Abnormal:Has the ability to precisely aim weapons that require aim [Such as a sniper rifle] while moving at speeds of up to 10 mph.
    •Superhuman: Has the ability to precisely aim any weapon while moving at any speed up to 75 mph. [This includes while in vehicles as well as moving outside of vehicles.]

8. Inventions [All inventions must be made in a private topic. Small inventions require 300 words then afterwards, if repeated, require 150 words. For medium inventions that requires 750 words the first time and 300 words any time after for the same invention. Large inventions require 2,000 words the first time and 1,500 words any time after that. Ultimate inventions require 10,000 words the first time and 7,500 words any time after that. All inventions must be approved by an administrator. Note that small and large do not mean size but instead complexity.]

    •Average: This is the level required to make small inventions like a pipe bomb or a science fair volcano in complexity.
    •Abnormal: This is the level required to make all of your basic level inventions. Small level [pipe bomb] Medium level [car bomb] Large level [C4 filled dart].
    •Superhuman: This level can make any type of invention. This includes ultimate inventions.
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