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Mission Template

Post by Lucarad Ahdera on Sun Aug 29, 2010 1:36 pm

Basic information
Mission Title: [Some people like to give their missions fancy titles. Such as winter storm or something like that. This is not required.]
Main Objective: [This is what the goal of the mission is. Straightforward]
Reward: [This is what you get for completion of the mission. If anything]

Advanced information
Secondary Objectives: [If there are other objectives that should but are not required to be completed on the mission this is where they should be written.]
Additional information: [If there are specific information needs for the mission this is where they are written down.]
Reason: [Organizations missions go down for a reason beyond that of "I don't like this guy so gut him like a fish." So there needs to be some kind of reason for the organization to take a full mission out in order to complete this task.]
Requirments:[There may be a requirment to go on this mission. Like X years in Hellsing or X level of vampire or X level of soldier.]
Maximum/Minimum takers: [The maximum amount of soldiers that can be sent on this mission followed by a / and then the minimum number of soldiers that can take on this mission.]

[u][b]Basic information[/b][/u]
[u][i]Mission Title:[/i][/u]
[i][u]Main Objective:[/u][/i]

[u][b]Advanced information[/b][/u]
[i][u]Secondary Objectives:[/u][/i]
[i][u]Additional information:[/u][/i]

[i][u]Maximum/Minimum takers:[/u][/i]
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