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Post by Maxim on Wed Oct 06, 2010 9:52 pm

Several decades of war has gone according to the Major's plans, yet in some way, has diverted from his initial course of planning. A defect within his cybernetics has led him to find out that his time was indeed limited at this point, and to be dealt with at the expense of Dok's constant attention to fixing the man in a never ending battle of maintaining the Major at this point into becoming integrated within machinery made with the sole purpose of keeping him alive.

As such, the Major has issued one directive to keep war forever alive in Europe, and has let his own Millennium battalion find their own methods of prolonging it. The smartest group of officers devised a plan to instigate a Neo-Nazi coup d'etat all over Eastern Europe, where their supporters gather around. Managing to instigate all of the Balkans, and some of the Baltics to turn into a nation collectively known as the Fourth Reich. Becoming a supernational entity that poses a threat to all.

This was all made possible by the mysterious disappearance of Hellsing's Integra, Alucard, Seras, and Walter. Even then, Iscariot's pivotal members such as Anderson, Maxwell and Heinkel along with Yumie have vanished without a trace. Millennium's very own members have sunken into the darkness as soldiers that might have had no importance from before, suddenly have it thrusted upon them, as all of the rather ignored members get pivotal roles into determining the war on their own hands.

These disappearances though mysterious as they are, have given Millennium the advantage they have finally needed and extend to become a global fighting entity.

Whilst Millennium's vampiric agents within high posts of government offices of the United States of America, Russia and China are preventing any military interventions to take place, the Iscariot took advantage of this to grow unchecked as well as a result.

They have called upon nations such as Spain, Portugal, and France, to integrate into a Holy Roman Empire. In effect, they have managed to expand the Iscariot into a massive fighting force, expelled all other non-Catholic members from their territories through Medieval Inquisitive means, and then driven out all dissident to make a very bigoted Holy Roman Empire. With an experienced fighting force drawn up from each of these nations, became somewhat of a super power as well.

Great Britain, distraught over all these changes, decided to call upon a NATO summit to expand their functions, and have called up upon the remnant members of Hellsing to lead this coalition dubbed Operation Bram Stroker in honor of the author. In turn, using those resources to retake all of Europe from the feisty Catholics, and the warmongering Nazis, and also to restore balance and order to Europe.

Mercenaries from around the world gather up meanwhile to partake in this conflict to earn money, and at most, earn immortality under Millennium.

The rest of the world watches what will happen in Europe, and hope at most for whoever to win, uphold their interests. In this regard, Britain. Those who wish for most of Europe's folly, join Millennium, whilst Catholics from around the world, join the Vatican in their Crusader forces to liberate Europe from the Protestant and Pagan influences.

In effect, all of this achieved what the Major ordered -- Total War.

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