Chat Box Rules

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Chat Box Rules

Post by Maxim on Wed Oct 06, 2010 9:32 pm

  • No Flaming to anyone: not to admins mods, members ect. Flaming will NOT be tolerated. No flaming about anything especially another person’s race, gender or religion
  • No provoking/troll: Some people know how to push another person’s buttons. Provoking another person to get riled up will be seen as an offense.
  • Be respectful: If Pikachu is feeling sad don't kick him while he's on the ground; try to be nice. No talking rudely or disrespectfully to others.
  • 3 Strikes: Any offender will be put on the 3 strikes rules. When a Chatbox Moderator kicks an offender that’s a strike. After 3 kicks the Chatbox Moderator has the right to ban the offender for a short while. Repeated offenses can lead to a full Chatbox ban.
  • No Spamming: Spammers shall be kicked, going by the 3 Strikes rule. If the spammer is CB banned after the 3 kicks and makes a new account to only spam some more an Admin has the right to IP ban the offender for a short amount of time.
  • No drama: We don't want to see people arguing about how they got killed or if someone god-modded. Please have the liberty to talk about it in Pm's or post it in the OOC Arguments forum, where it will be discussed.
  • Try not to make the Chatbox XXX: By that we mean it’s alright to have some 'intimate' chat now and then but if it gets to the point where other members are annoyed and complaining you will be asked to stop.

New rules may be added if seen fit.

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