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Post by Maxim on Wed Oct 06, 2010 9:30 pm

Section 1 R E G I S T R A T I O N

  1. Guests will be required to register so they may post on this forum. By clicking on the registration button by the top of the screen they can create their account. If you decide to make a alternate account for a new character please inform the staff about the name of your other account. IP Addresses will be randomly and periodically checked by the staff to make sure we know your alternate accounts and have the appropriate number of alts.
  2. Also if you plan on changing your user name please inform the staff about your name change just to be sure. Note for the staff members. If a name change is made make a quick post in the staff section to let us know that someone is now named something else.Just remember your user-name is the name of your character that your playing.
  3. You are allowed three accounts in total. This prevents inactivity with your characters. OOC RPing area was created for you to RP there when stuck in a topic.
  4. Avatars maximum size is 150 pixels wide x 200 pixels high. users with avatars larger then this will be asked to change it. If the asked refuses to change the avatar to do so then the image will be deleted by a administrator and a single day ban will be issued.
  5. Your avatar should resemble your character at the very least. If not people roleplaying with you should be told in some way, shape or form that the avatar is not what you really look like since most people go off of that when roleplaying. If it does not the same rules apply as with the avatar being the incorrect size.

Section 2 C H A R A C T E R ♰ C R E A T I O N

  1. We ask for everyone to follow the templates, they were put there for a reason.
  2. We also ask for you to make your characters background as detailed as possible. We understand that some people are not as detailed as others but anything under 500 words is on very thin ice if not completely unacceptable. Detail is easy and staff will usually work with you.
  3. The person's character must act exactly like he/she described him/her/it when they submitted the profile. For example if you said your char is emo, you cannot make him run around happily...unless they're drunk or something. If they are drunk they have lowered reflexes and reaction time as well. So keep in mind your character is your character and you can do whatever with them but they are effected just like people are. Do not expect to be undrunk just because someone stabbed at you.
  4. If your character dies they are gone. There is nothing you can do about it unless a specific ability allows you to live on in some way or form that is not considered OP or GM by the staff.
  5. BE ORIGINAL: Do not go copying the weapons of other characters from the show or you will be denied. -Modifying them is acceptable to your extent of the RPer's character.
  6. Characters cannot be invulnerable to the same elements they use from other players or natural causes.
  7. Character abilities cannot manipulate all forms of matter, and must stick to one. This includes having a general form of matter manipulation.

Section 3 M E M B E R ♰ R E S P O N S I B I L I T Y

  1. Flaming is not allowed on this site, it will not be tolerated and repeated offenders will be banned and/or have their account deleted. If they make another account and start flaming then a IP ban will be issued.
  2. If a member wasn't on the forum for 48 hours, it's allowed to described his/hers character's minor actions aka traveling with a group of characters he/she is with, also your allowed to control his actions in battle if he/she isn't available.
  3. If you have a complaint please post it in the Suggestion and Comments forum
  4. You are required to read the plot and follow the rules
  5. No weapons will be approvable that will allow an entire realm to be destroyed ie a Nuke. That is off of creation. If someone were to acquire something this powerful and go through a very intricate process involving the head administrators of the site. That would be acceptable.

Section 4 P O S T I N G

  1. Each IC post should be at least 5 lines long. We don't really want or need one liners.
  2. Please write in 3rd person view. We don't allow 1st person viewed writing, It gets confusing.
  3. Your post should include your characters actions, thoughts and speech of characters. They should also include what your character feels, hears, smells, tastes, sees. Having these included will help you get more detailed, longer posts. So you wont have to worry about one liners then!
  4. When entering a topic be sure to at least have a reason for being there.
  5. When exiting a topic be sure to use a '<< exit.' at the end of your post. If a battle started you are not allowed to leave unless all combatants post after you and allow your exit to go through.
  6. You can only be in one topic at a time IC, your character cant be in more then one place at once, nuff' said. The exception to this is the Time Capsule or an OOC Rp. Or in some cases a certain ability heavily regulated.
  7. If an argument starts in the Chat Box it must be taken to PM, if the argument still goes on, warnings to bans and kicks will happen. The chat box is a place to chat, not to argue about things. Arguing only get people angry. Which leads to flame which leads to bans.

Section 5 P O S T ♰ C O N T E N T

  1. Mature content is allowed on this site. Blood, gore, violence, rape, torch, cursing ect.
  2. If you have a problem with the content in a thread then simply don't read it. If your in the topic then simply leave.
  3. We wont tolerate having people complain because Jack touched Jill in a naughty place.

Section 6 E L I T E ♰ S P O T S

  1. The highest ranks of each race such as Nosferatu and Advanced Regenerator are chosen by the admins and webmaster.
  2. To be a Nosferatu/Advanced Regenerator you have to have a well made app, remember to follow the rules posted on the template
  3. If you wish to be put into a high level position within the organization, contact the Organization leader, not the admin unless they're the Organization leader; once doing that its up to the leader to decide to put you in the elite group or not.
    \_Rouges do not have a Leader, Ask the webmaster or a co admin.
  4. Don't go begging to the leader asking for a position, it may annoy them and your chances of getting the spot may be slim if not nothing. This is a warning. You can beg them but you can't spam them. Spamming will you get into trouble but if you beg you will probably not get the spot and they will probably hunt you down and kill you.
  5. Training for a new ability such as advanced regeneration must be a 2.5-3.5K post once you meet the requirements for what you wish to train for. Tell an admin/mod before you start training for this in case there is some kind of requirement not met. Remember to read the training rules posted
  6. The one to ask for the spot first, gets it sometimes, so do not get angry with any leaders/mods/admins if you tried for a spot later then another.
  7. Reservations are up to the leaders, this means if you want a reservation you must ask the leader, if they say no do not throw a fit. Maximum days is 3 for a spot to be held for you.

Section 7 A D V E R T I S I N G

  1. No advertising another site unless its an Affiliation. If affiliating with our site please post an ad of our site somewhere on yours.
  2. Your site must not contain any illegal stuff
  3. Your site should be RP related somehow - if not please specify why you want to affiliate.
  4. You have to have picture to represent your site, then you have to post it in your add giving us a link to the button (This is only required for those who want their affiliation placed in the portal)
  5. When we advertise your site on ours, you've got to advertise our site on yours aka reciprocal linking
  6. After all the steps are done,the admin is going to verify your site and if everything is correct, you'll be added as an affiliate
  7. To advertise here you must have a character you RP with here. Meaning your not allowed to post here if you don't have a character posted up. The only exclusion to this rule is if we posted our add on your site first

    *Affiliations that are marked Pending have a full two weeks to meet up with our rules before the ad is deleted

Section 8 P R I V A T E ♰ T H R E A D S

  1. Enemies cannot use a private thread on foreign land. Example Hellsing cannot use private threads in the The Vatican and vice versa. Note this is not something that means you cannot post in enemy lands. However you cannot have private topics in other lands that are enemy. [Enemy refers to all other organizations even if there is a temporary alliance.]
  2. Users cannot start private topics unless there is more than two users or more. Once the topic has started, and the expected guest have yet to show up, they are limited to 48 hours before the topic becomes a normal topic again.
  3. Users who are expected must have their names be placed in the post or description of the topic.

Section 9 B A T T L E ♰ P O S T I N G

  1. Whenever the attacker attacks and the defender reacts to the attack but doesn't "describe" or "control" where the attack is being directed towards. The attacker may use a counterattack to control his left off actions(if possible) to cause a direct hit somewhere else, whether be fatal or not. Known as "calling the hit".
  2. Any arguments upon the RPer's topic must be taken onto the OOC Arguments section. You will also inform any moderator along with the webmasters about the topic and delay any further posting until verifications on the actions taken place of the topic.
  3. If a battle is in progress and a character's power is denied while in the fight the 48 hour rule does not come into effect as the user with the disapproved powers has the right to wait until his/her powers are approved. -They may use powers that were not denied or need change.
  4. If the user is denied their powers during combat, when it is not the denied user's post, then that topic is to continue as it is until it is the denied user's post. During this time, the denied user can post on, but their powers won't be in affect according to what needs to be changed. However once a denied power user starts posting after their power has been denied. They cannot go back to posting without their power and having the topic stop for them.
  5. Point Blank shots cannot always be avoided unless the defender has a technique/ability to do so.
  6. If a clash ever occurs, the winner is determined by power level; if the opponent has a higher ranking in their race they win by default, unless both are with equal power.-Please notify a Moderator/Co-Administrator about the clash to determine the higher quality.

    Example of a projectile clash is Bullet vs. Silver tipped bullet; a melee clash is where the opponents enter a frenzy of katana vs. scythe.
  7. Users are allowed to intercept any clash with their own clashing attacks. Whether be projectile or melee clashes depends on the clash happening between the original clashes.
  8. Will power is something that people who wish to survive can take upon. For 1 post, if the attacked is heavily damaged that user may sum up courage to move around just barely for this post. Though faintly as it is, once this post ends the user will be back on his feet if the attacker does not attack again with a good deal of damage. This can only be used once per every 2 topics.
  9. The 48 hour rule, when it comes down to combat, is the rule that means that if a person does not respond and has every capability to respond then the author of the attack/next poster [depending on how large the topic is and what is going on which is determined by a moderator/administrator.] is allowed to control the attack and count it as if they did not make any movements at all in defense or dodge against the attack.

Section 10 O T H E R ♰ R U L E S

  1. Absolutely NO WIP (work in progress) posting. Meaning when you post you cannot edit it or add onto it in anyway IC. The only exception to this rule are Solo and Training topics or Applications.
  2. If a user enters a battle topic(When in the middle of battle) they cannot leave if they are countered and engages into offense/defense combat for their own next 3 posts.
    Enter Battle Topic > Post 1 > Post 2 > Post 3 > May leave if rules are followed on leaving battle topics.

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